January 16, 2024


Downtown Phoenix

For centuries, the Sonoran Desert has been a source of innovation and inspiration. It began with the Hohokam people, who created canals that fed a civilization for more than a thousand years. Today, it can be found throughout the nation’s fifth-largest city in a thriving community that elevates art, culture, cuisine and more to levels of greatness.

Now, it’s your turn.

Allow the mystique of one of the world’s lushest landscapes to lead you on a path to radiance. Push yourself to the top and take in sweeping views. Challenge your perceptions of culture by immersing yourself in something unfamiliar. Indulge in flavorful experiences that transcend borders. And discover what every innovator, explorer and dreamer has said about the Greater Phoenix experiences for centuries: the desert made me do it.

For things to do while in town for the Men’s Final Four, check out VisitPhoenix.com